Sustainable logs delivered to Cambridge and surrounding areas


We have delivery vans which deliver loose cubic metres and nets of logs. Between 1 and 4 cubic metres can be delivered or a minimum of 20 nets. Our vans have tipping backs and can drop in a variety of locations.

If you do not have a driveway or access for vehicles we will tip the wood on the side of the road nearest to your property, it is then your responsibility to move it to its desired location. Nets can be an easier option in this situation.

All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery charge. If you wish to combine a delivery with your neighbour this is a great way to save you money!


  • Prices include VAT & delivery.
  • All goods are subject to availability.
  • If goods are faulty please contact immediately.
  • 1 cubic metre is measured in a grain bucket, it is a loose load and the volume will change when stacked.
  • We aim for 25% moisture content where possible.


We carefully select the best hardwood species and dry the logs to under 25% moisture content, which is optimum for your log burning stove. Hardwood logs spit less so are ideal for use in open fires.