We always have plenty of firewood in stock and for sale. Customer service is important to us, so a well timed delivery is crucial. We try to deliver as soon as possible. We can deliver the same day or next day on certain sized loads where possible. Yet, the next few working days is guaranteed. We can organise a delivery time for when you are in. Or, you can pay over the phone and we can deliver when you are at work ready for you to sort out on return.
We cut all logs to 10” / 25cm which we find works best in the majority of stoves. If you have your own size requirement please email with an enquiry and we can cut to order.
This is a popular question and there are many variants to consider in the answer. For example, quality of wood, stove efficiency, house insulation etc.
However, we find if you have an efficient stove and use our dry seasoned logs you will be burning between 3-4 cubic metres per season. If using wetter low grade timber you can expect to use double.
We stock hardwood which are the closed grain slower growing wood of broad-leaved dicotyledonous trees – such as oak, beech, ash and sycamore. We regard these hardwood species as the best.
There is no set time for good seasoning of firewood. This is due to different species and conditions. For example, if wood is left in the forest in round form it hardly ever dries down. The best way is to split it up into firewood and air dry undercover. This will result in the moisture content dropping down to below 25% which is optimum to burn and becomes ‘seasoned’. This is when we sell it.
We are members of Woodsure that independently test our firewood at random. They test our timber in a lab using an Oven-Dry technique to prove its moisture content. This ensures we have a correct and consistent dry product and process.
You should never buy firewood by weight, as the wetter the wood the more it weighs and the dryer the wood the more energy you get out of it.
Therefore we sell by volume. Our dry seasoned firewood will have double the energy output as wet or badly seasoned firewood.

We sell by the loose Cubic Metre (M³), as it is loose it takes up less space than a stacked cubic metre.

We also sell bags of logs, kindling and firelighters too.

We always have seasoned firewood in stock, yet the best time to buy is in the summer. The firewood can dry to reach really low moisture content and you have also secured your supply for the winter ahead. Cheaper prices are available too.
20 nets are approximately 1 cubic metre in volume. This is a little more in price as it goes in to labour and extra materials. Moreover, this is a great option for town houses with no driveway, or for ease of stacking away and then taking in to the house.

Open for collection weekdays only by appointment.

Logs are delivered from our Bottisham based depot throughout Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Stevenage, Bury St Edmunds and Chelmsford.